Monday, June 23, 2014

Good morning from the Mountian and mountain lion sighting

Good morning from the mountain, it is 72 degrees and rising, we are due to have storms again today.  So I am trying to get all my chores done early so I can go to town and get a few things.  This morning I need to move pumpkin vines as they are trying to take over the world out there.  I also need to plant the rest of the peppers…and last of the cucumbers, and of course the last of the zucchini.
I was created with eBay problems again; honestly I am so over the frustration of doing business.  I have one person who won an auction and has not paid this is going on 5 days now, I have even sent a nice letter saying, I am sure this is all an oversight, but could you please pay me, well not in those words, but I bet you see where I am going with this.  The other problem is with a demanding person who has had back luck with eBay eggs and demanded extra eggs.  I was not even sure where to go with that, so that is $40.00 I will not receive and in the case of the demanding person, I will refund them their money.  I know $40.00 does not sound like much, but when dealing with such a tight budget, well it may as well be a million.  I need to buy feed and I am now short again and it is also time to pay eBay fees.  I feel as though I am failing the farm; I just cannot understand why people cannot just be honorable. 
I expect I shall spend an hour on the phone with eBay over this and it is all hit or miss anyway, as it just depends on who you talk to and in which country they reside in.  I am on eBay while writing this; eBay understood that I was trying very hard to do the right thing.  It has only been thirty three minutes and they have fixed it, new record.  That is what it like is to be a small farmer.
Michael just returned from a trash run with news of a Mountain lion on the prowl, I am less than thrilled by this news.  Now I have to worry about the kids and the livestock even more.  Michael says that most likely it will stick with eating deer; I do not feel so confident in this answer.  I just see the cows, sheep, goats and horses as food for it, and once it finds easy food, it may try to stay around.  What a year, firs the bears came through and now the Mountain lion.  I guess I continue to carry a gun around the farm a while longer. 
Have tons to get done, so I will try and post again latter.  Maybe with news of a new rug.

Be Blessed


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