Friday, June 27, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain...more eBay whoes...

Good Afternoon from the mountain, I am sorry to come to you today with my posting of what a horrendous day I am having. I messed up an egg order and failed so horribly, and I am so tired of dealing with people on Ebay, I have had two people not want to pay, and they get a slap on the wrist. Tally forth and screw some more people, think not of the women who tirelessly works and feds the birds that lay these eggs, better that the eggs go bad while I wait to see how screwed I am.

 I contacted the person who I had not yet shipped to, and offered to fix the mess I had made by either shipping to her Monday so the eggs would be fresh or giving back her money she opted for her money back with a rude email....I opened a case so we could end the transaction. She did not reply to the case, but upon receiving her money left bad feedback, what a lousy crummy person.

Just look at the email she sent to me from what I said to her:
My email to her:
There was an error in shipping and your eggs we shipped to someone else. I am so sorry! It is so late in the week would it be ok to ship your eggs out on Monday? If not I am happy to refund you. Again I am very sorry.
My phone number is 870-321-6859
Be Blessed Shekhinah

Her email back to me:
Well no, after this I don't want you to ship another set of eggs. I'll order them from a more reliable seller and I'll leave you the appropriate feedback. With that being said I will expect to see the refund to my paypal account today.

Of course she left bad feedback and eBay who said this morning that I should not worry is now telling me how sorry they are that they cannot fix it...Mind you I emailed her, I admitted my mistake and refunded her, I do not even get to reply to the feedback from what I can tell. I guess I am just supposed to be ok with this, well I am not....I am so angry I could scream. After a half hour on the phone with them I want to throw the phone....The music is making my stomach hurt.
This is the crud I deal with all the time, not that I make mistakes like this often, this is the first time. Not that it matters....UGHHHH! 

So this is how my farm day is going, I had planned on doing some canning but sadly I have spent most of the day trying to fix this.  So this has eaten up most of my day and I am sick over that. What can a person do when they are constantly faced with such tripe in a average day, it is not good for me or anyone to be so upset, but right now eBay is the only money coming into the farm, not that it is a lot, but it is literally keeping the lights on.  

I so wish I had a fairy that could wave a wand and make solar panels appear in my drive way so I did not have to work like this.  I am so frustrated with it all, and still no word from the power company who like this crummy eBay buyer will continue to do wrong with no one punishing them.

The world is a hard place for the hardworking and honest people; there is no place for us, just no place anywhere.  I will try and go forward with the rest of the day and hold my head up…dreaming of a better tomorrow that does not involve rude evil people.

I will try and get some work done int he garden , in-between the rain and have a nice meal latter and forget all this horribleness.

On the bright side, I think I see the sun trying to peak its head out from behind a cloud and I guess if the worst is the worst I could always play with the kittens.  The boys are hard at work with school and shall be done soon, time to go to the pool for them. For me, back to work.

Be Blessed

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