Monday, June 9, 2014

Good morning from the mountain

Good morning to one and all and a special good morning to our viewers in Belgium.  I woke up this morning to a muted gray sky with signs of darker gray to follow and rain.  It is 60 degrees F here in Arkansas at the moment, brrrr.  I have started my rounds of chores and email, orders etc, when I chance upon an email from a publication we read called, "Mother Earth News", in reading for but a brief moment I find that I am unknowingly part of a movement.  They call the way we eat here on the farm, part of the,"Slow Food Movement".  I had no idea that eating food the way our parents and grand parents did was a movement, fancy me a part of organized chaos.  I had no idea that baking bread was an act of separation from the masses.  It is all a bit to much to gather in to my quite small mind.  If for one moment I had thought of organizing a movement I am sure this would have been the one.  I am giggling as I write this too you all, as I find it amusing that eating real food is a movement.  In my mind I am comparing it to other "movements", perhaps I should stand up for the right to bake my own bread, but really who cares, how boring the world must be for this sort of thing to have come forward.

 I guess I should be jovial that people are trying to know to do the right thing, mind you there is little time and little planet left, but better late then never. I think how paradoxical it is that with all the modern luxury items many of us have that with these time savers that now people have time to cook real meals, but do not.  It is quite disturbing and enlightening that a resurgence  has occurred  in saving plants, seeds, rare food animals and hunting as true food becomes more rare.  When I enter a grocer I am often astonished with the amount of food like products and disappointed by the amount of real food or even organic food.  I wanted a bag of organic corn meal, a bag of rye flour and wheat and non of the organic variety were to be found, I know have reached that part of my journey where I have little choice but to grind my own grain.  I could hardly call that a movement, I call it survival.  If there is nothing to eat one must cook out of nothing but shear need.  How complicated it is to say to some one, no I can not eat that, the grain is full of toxic chemicals, it is made softer using human hair and do not get me started on the milk it contains. The real kicker is that there is very little bread on the store shelves anyway, each week it seems as though there is less and less.  I imagine that at one point I will come into the store and there shall be no bread to be found.

People are often lead to believe that America has tons of food, but that is not true, we have tons of food like products and lots of contaminated land.  While many other counties have woken up to the realization that GMOs are dangerous, this country creates more and more.  So terrible is the crisis that when at the feed store I heard a man talking about buying Roundup, ( a chemical that is more dangerous than arsenic) in his purchase the man had picked up a bottle of regular strength Roundup and was then guided to a bottle that was 40 times the strength of the original.  My word, whatever would you need such a strong killer for?  It came out that he was killing thistle, common garden thistle.  In my head I cried out, eat it, it is yummy and nutritious and surely that would be rid of it, but reality had taken hold of me like a dog to an old beloved bone and as I continued to listen.  It was then that the man behind the counter said he would need to cut the thistle down and then spray this toxin upon it.  I put my head down as it was all too sad for words, and this my dears is the reason that food is rare and that eating real food is now a movement.  It is due to the desire for a perfection that exists only in the fantasy of Utopia, removed from reason and dedicated to the un-natural, unholy ways of life out side of common nature and established by unreasonable, unscrupulousness people who believe they control life.  It is within all of us to remedy this, to control the food we eat, to change the world.  No it will not be a movement that changes it, as movements have a single goal and life is more complex then than, it is ever changing and its goal is but a simple one, survive and thrive.

Here is a copy of the Mother Earth News article for your viewing.

Be Blessed

How I wish my life to be...

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