Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rainbow and rain

So much rain, but at least there were rainbows.  We had three total, one double one and a single one, maybe it is the universe laughing at us.  

It has been a long day, dealing with DELL computers.   Just a heads up, if they offer you anything for free, they will charge you for it and say they had to do that to ship it. When you say please send a pickup for it, they ask you to send both back, the one you bought and the item they, "Gave" you. So you are stuck paying for it, I am sick over the type of business they do, but I need a laptop so there you have it, I am stuck buying a tablet, I hope the kids enjoy it.  

Then I had to deal with eBay over a person who was all sixes and sevens over eggs she received from my farm.  I can tell you no matter what I had done for her; it would not have been enough.  It was a trying day to say the least.

Goats are milked; supper is done, chores are done, and night is falling upon the farm, the rain continues with it...

Be Blessed


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