Thursday, June 19, 2014

Local power grid down

Power grid is down here; only four towns were affected, of course living in one of them. It is shocking  to have the power go out on a clear night to have the power in the whole area just go out. It came off and on many times and then was done.  It makes you think and I feel it is a great way to test drives the worst case event scenario.  Pitch black, no power, what do you do, if you are like us you have candles and flashlights in nearly every room, so first we gain light, and light the lanterns that provide us back up light.  Lanterns, engaged.  Next calm the child who was unprepared for the dark and no power.  Once that is done, and his lantern is lit, he becomes the caretaker of the room, a very important job as we secure the homestead.  My husband readies the generator; I because of an error on my behalf was forced to go out to the van to make a call.  My cell phone battery is dead, have no idea what I did with the hard line dial up phone.  I have failed!  Then to make matters worse I left the light on in the van.  I need to work harder on paying attention in these sorts of situations. 
A few minutes ago I heard the generator roar to life…never has a sound been so welcomed to my ears.  I have no idea what will happen or when power will return, but I know it will this time, for next time I must be better prepared, and I will never leave the cell phone without a full change.  I never bring the van home with less than a full tank; we always have gas on hand for the generator, but I know we will need to have a more long term backup for the future. 
Be Blessed


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