Friday, June 6, 2014

Thunder from the mountain

Good afternoon from the thundering Mountain...we have rain again, not that I am complaining, I prefer rain over blistering heat and who knows maybe our climate change will be livable  with small only small adjustments. However I will have to re-dust the cabbage with DE in the morning.  For anyone reading this that does not know what DE is, it is the fossilized remains of long dead sea life, it somehow kills the bugs eating your plants, but one must be careful not use it near  bears or it will kill them too, it is none selective about it's killing.  I try to use as little as I can because it worries me about what it might to the good bugs.

 We have had rain almost every day for weeks, the gardens are very green and the pea plants produce handfuls of fresh peas daily.  We also still have spinach growing, both with and domestic.  Our tomatoes most of which are Russian black krims are making fruit, the corn is taller than me and I still have more to plant, if the weather holds, I will be able to harvest at least twice.  That will help us greatly as organic corn is very hard and costly.  Our late wheat is also going in this week; the rain should do wonders for it.  

Due to the weather I and my dear husband Michael have been able to get some projects done that have been on the back burner for months.  The bathroom cabinets are all cleaned out and the one under the sink has a nice new board. I sprayed it down with organic pest spray to keep out bugs, which are a constant nuisance to me.  New shampoo and other essentials of life are now in their new place. It is important to use to always a good supplies of such items laid up for future use.  One never knows if there will be an earth quake, flood, tornado, ect.  It pays to be prepared!

In the kitchen a new cedar backsplash to hold me over until the new kitchen is done.  Just to let you know the wood is all locally harvested and new trees are planted on our property to make up for the loss from nature.  No back to what I was saying, he also redid some shelves that I have had problems with, also in cedar; the kitchen smells so nice, like a little forest. 

Fixing these few things is like a precursor to the new kitchen.  I can hardly wait…

To other news I am typing to you to from the new ALIENWARE laptop. It seems very nice, but incredibly heavy.  The screen has a nice matt finish, the keys are nicely lite and a good size.  Some of its features are a bit tricky to figure out, such as the cd/dvd drive.  It has a slide in system, but no way of ejecting the disk without the use of software. Above the cd/dvd drive is the micro card reader; it has a little slide out that you take out before putting your media in.  I thought that was a clever idea and a good way to keep dust and other debris out of the slot.  Try to get it to read a flash drive for the first time was bit tricky too; the slot bays were super tight.  I was concerned about it tearing up my flash drives, it did etch lines on the one and that made me uncomfortable.  I will try to keep you up to date as I finish installing the software and learning more about it.

I have to get off the web due to the weather, be blessed dear ones; I will try to catch up with you soon.

Be Blessed


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