Monday, June 16, 2014

Good night from the mountain...

Night time from the mountain, it was a scorcher here today; at the height of the heat it was 104 degrees F on the one porch, and 98 upon the other, both in the shade.  How amazing that is thinking the other night it was 49 and a high of just 72.  They show us as being very hot for a few days and then back to rain and the low 80’s, it all a bit sixes and sevens as of late, very hit or miss for the weather people. 
I took advantage of the cool of the morning and the evening to get some more planting done.  Still a bit more to do and then I must start the garden for winter.  The kids took this time as pool time, and yes it is still a bit green, even after being shocked reputedly and having chlorine tablets added.  It is a frustrating that we have not been able to keep crystal clear as in previous years, but we do the best we can with all the rain and poor weather we have had.

Tomorrow I have to get up early, get the chores done as quick as I can, so that I can get the van fixed. The front end needs a bunch of work, and the breaks, and the power steering pump…yikes!  But it has to be done, before it gets worse.  I also need to get it done so I can take the cow to the butcher and get it ready for the freezer.  Everything must get done as quickly as we can, since there is no way of knowing when winter will arrive. The plants do not even know.  Our wild buck wheat which is normally ready to harvest in November, is ready now.  I have harvested onions and potatoes already and replanted them.  It just seems as if everything is making ready for winter.
Our next task is to sell our sons car that is blocking the road that the hay truck needs to come down and we need more hay.  A truck load of ten bales will set up back around $350.00.  It should last us much longer since the big cow should be in the freezer soon.  The bull soon after, G-d willing!

Working on the farm is hard and there is always something needing to be done, something needing fixed, something needing fed.

Be Blessed

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