Friday, July 4, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain and Happy Freedom Day

Good afternoon from the mountain, our day has been nearly silent since people for the most part in American are busy getting drunk and blowing things up, or so it seems to those of us who prefer more industries pursuits. Happy freedom day to them, for me today is about living life by our own terms.  The most exciting thing to happen on the farm was that the large cow that is destined for the freezer escaped her enclosure and is currently roaming my yard.  How I pray for my gardens, that cow has become such a nuisance so putting her in the freezer maybe a joyful celebration.  At least good will come from her then.

Other than that, I have been going over bills, doing chores and getting ready for canning tomorrow.  I did in my cleaning find a title to the van I no longer own.  It is funny how we desire to keep small tokens of things past and present as if never to have let them go, but in reality I know the van is gone and so this paper too will go.  I am thinking of parting with many other things as well.  I need money; I am sure somewhere someone else needs more stuff.  Getting rid of stuff means getting the website working again.

It is quite a challenge for me to try and get the website working properly, and I did find out that Anglefire has made their break with me official having deleted my other blog page.  I had my first website with them; that was so long ago I joke about there being only a few hundred websites then, which was true, you could get to the end of the net, amazing to think about that now.  In a lifetime I am sure you could not get to the end of the net now.  As some things change, some things will always remain the same such as the continuing struggle for freedom of speech. 

It was Anglefire who took my first website down, sighting that I had 24 hours to take a shirt down that said, that somewhere in Texas a village was missing its idiot.  So much for free speech where you cannot speak out against your leaders; I guess I am naughty again.  It matters little to me that they did it other than I have lost the words I had written then.  I guess I will have to go back to paper copies of what I write again. 
For a few weeks, well after the first month of being without a laptop, I seriously thought about going back to typing everything out on a typewriter.  I still have one; she is tucked neatly away, I will of course have to re-ink the ribbon, but there is something wonderful about typing on a typewriter vs. a computer screen.  I think maybe it is soothing to hear each little tap, an acknowledgment of each letter successfully making its mark upon the paper, each becoming a word, each word part of a sentence and then something bigger.  It is a liberating thought to work without the internet as a constant distraction as well.  Just look at the article that I read on NPR today…

So I have said enough already, I need to go and work on our gardens and get dinner prepared.  Good night to you all and be blessed dear ones…


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