Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain and My new tool and ULU

Good Afternoon from the mountain, I have been busing myself to be ready for the temps to drop this week.  I have so much to get done, I hope this week to make soap, can a bunch of food; much from our freezer and harvest the first honey of the season.  The farm will try and use this blessed week of cooler temperatures to catch up on all the tasks I have listed, and some that I have not.   
I have been tending our garden as the heat allows, it is full of Japanese beetles and grasshoppers and of course squash beetles, or horn-worms.  I spend a lot of time squishing the pests.  I try very hard not to use any sprays on anything, even organic spray.  Every chemical in large amounts can be harmful. 

Aside from all this I went out Friday to an amazing yard sale and found a new in the ULU knife, I am so happy and cannot wait till deer season, or to go fishing.  I wish I could fill the freezer full of wild game, it would make me so happy, but here I sit in a place with so little wild game and whose people spray the roadways which makes foraging for wild fruit and roots nearly impossible.  It all makes me very sad to talk about the way people are destroying our world and starving animals and people in the process.
My new ULU knife...I am so happy, can not wait to use it...It reminds me a lot of my hide scraper.

There is no doubt in my mind that many of the world’s problems breakdown to food, or lack thereof.  It was even said on CSNBC that we had gone off of being farmers, and that was a good thing.  I do not feel it is a good thing.  I am horrified that anyone could ever think that not growing food is a good thing.  Honestly where the rich think food does come from?  So I am discontent with such stupid worlds and thoughts from a woman who is lost in the 80’s.  I really should not expect much they are a product of the society as a whole.  
Today I had someone file yet another claim on eBay, never called emailed me before hand and now have not answered my email to them.  Where is the honor, they said my item was not as described because their eggs did not hatch.  I can’t get over how people can thing I am at fault for their poor planning or in many cases the Post offices bad handling of the box. 

I feel quite relieved however to see that I am not the only one on this persons hit list this week.  They accosted another eBay person.  They, of course, said all twenty of this persons goose eggs were not fertile, what crap.  Goose eggs are almost always fertile, unless the post office kills them.  I find it interesting that she tried to say the same about mine.  I shudder to think that someone can do this to people with no remorse.  Perhaps the person will learn a lesson this time, but you can never tell with people like that. 

husband reassures me that t some point we will not have to see eggs to keep the lights on, which is quite literate at the moment.  I long for the days when I no longer have to deal with eBay anymore.  Oh for solar panels…
Anyway time to get some other stuff done and deal with eBay one more time.

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