Monday, July 14, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain and the puppies have arrived!

Good afternoon from the moutain, boy you can tell its Monday, but it is always Monday here.  I am having a great deal dealing with eBay people.  Well not really but it did sound nicer than saying I was miffed and stressed.  The person tried to tell me that they had bought my eggs before, no way man, eBay says. “What” and I said, nope…I think this pain and nightmare will be over soon, but this is such bunk.

Pups born as of now, seven, whew I have spent since noon today tending puppies.   Our scrap dog has been a good and she has been working hard pushing out the pups.  I have been her midwife and have had my hands all the pups, with no so much as a sound from the mom.  She is now in her new bed with her pups.  It has been a long day and still so much left to do, I am not sure if she is done having pups yet.  I want to say yes, but of course I thought that at pup five and six and well seven blew me away.  I think my dog has been cheating on her mate, but other than the odd ball color of the pups I have no proof.  Three are nearly blond with heavy jaws; the others look much as they should.  They look an awful lot like coyote pups, so we may have coydogs, oh joy!  My dog is a hunting and farm dog, family protector, the thought of here pups being part coyote at the moment is not a happy one.  I have enclosed a link for hybrid coydogs, so you can see.

He are photos of our puppies, what do you think?

First puppy born

Be Blessed


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