Sunday, July 27, 2014

Good evening from the mountain...

Good evening from the mountain, another smoking hot day has past; I canned some jam, and did a few things.  Tomorrow the temp will be lower and I will be in town getting paper work done and entering our entries into the fair.  I have tons of paperwork, makes my head hurt.  I still have to deal with the college as well, plus they told my loan company that I was no longer in school, honestly it is insane.

The puppies are opening their little eyes at day 17 of their lives and are just as cute as can be.  Elijah, the oldest of the boys I still have at home, has chosen one and has been loving it ever since.  He was the first person his puppy Spot saw.  It is so sweet and the pup does seem to love him. To me I just see another animal to feed.  Lol

That giant one on top is Spot, he is twice as big as the others.

Puppy kisses....

The garden is still coming along as you can see from the photos, but the bugs have eaten much of the food, so I have been replanting as quickly as I can.  I hope to get one more run of the green corn and some more pumpkins.  As of late the grasshoppers are making me angry and I feel we will be making tacos out of them if it keeps up.  Yummy tacos!

We had some visitors the other day, and I have put some photos up on here for your viewing pleasure. 

This is ghost, he is one of the boys horses.  Not a guest....

Woody the boys donkey, not a guest, but for sure a pest.

Moo and 9-11...

Ghost the cat, sleeping off

It would be hard to pick out mine from the group, the boys were so happy to spend time together.

 I do not think I have ever seen my boys so happy, they cooked turkey dogs over the fire, roasted marshmallows, talked about poke'mon, mine-craft, and legos.  They miss him so much all ready.

A tortoise visits us...

Be Blessed Dear ones…


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