Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good afternoon from the Mountain and they shot the power line

Good afternoon from the mountain, in a surprising twist our power was out to someone shooting the line with a gun!  I guess I am not the only one angry with them; or perhaps it was a hunter who just could not wait for the squirrel to come down.  I am unsure as to which idea is funnier.  In my mind I see a man swearing at the line in the sacred name of Mel…lol  The other side of me thinks a squirrel named Mel was flipping off a man who took his revenge on the squirrel.  How do I know that the squirrels name is Mel, I just call anything that has to do with electric and is rude Mel…it is like how men call a car a women. 

Mel is the chosen fool who runs North Arkansas Electric Cooperative in my area; he is also the disturbed man who told me he was sorry for spraying my little garden.  In reality it was my organic farm.  Thus everything evil and vile is now a Mel!

Never the less I push forward and I shall go back to work now.

Be Blessed


P.S. I am sorry if any or our readers are named Mel, it is only Mel from the power company that I mock and not any of you.  

If any of you would like to talk to my power company on our behalf and ask them why they think it is reasonable to pay us nothing for the $15,000 worth of damage they caused to my land, forever tainting it, they can be contacted at this website:  We are located in the Salem office location.  If you click on their board of directors you will also notice that there is no way to contact any of them.  Exploring the page more you see that they are also the water department, hmmm can anyone say monopoly.

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