Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Good evening from the mountain...anyone have Nikola Tesla's last generator on paper...and how I hate the power company

Good evening from the mountain, what a horrible evening we seem to be having.  It makes me long for my solar panels even more.  Our power is out again, I cannot tell any of you how much this pisses me off.  North Arkansas Electric Cooperative sucks far worse the Florida Power and light did.  I only feel worse for the regular people who have but necessity no choice but to work there.  I feel like I live in a third world company where the utilities are owned by the same company, oh wait, they are owned by the same company.  The water and electric company are owned by the same I smell tea in the pot, oh maybe a fine game of monopoly. 

When I called a little while ago to find out why the power was out I was told they had no idea but that is was out reaching a large area of many miles.  I did not need them to tell me that, I am at the end of the loop; my response is like that of Homer on the Simpsons, “DOH!”  Honestly it makes me sick that now I have to pay for today’s power and petrol to run our generator.  I wonder how other people are doing it without ac; I worry about the old people, not so much as a fan for them right now. 

For us it means more lost money in the way of eggs that may not hatch and equipment that may once again need to be repaired do to the surge in power before it went down.  The power grid in this country is a nightmare on a good day there are some small pockets that still use Direct current, Edison would be proud.  I am not so proud; I am ashamed of the dilapidated power grid and the scoundrels who make their money not fixing it, only patching it.  After all it was broke before they got there, so they will tell you.  However I will say as I have said before that this country needs to be off grid! 
Spending more money to repair our grid system is good money after bad; no good could ever come of it.  

The National grid is also one of the biggest targets of the terrorist that President Obama keeps warning Americans about.  I personally do not worry about an external threat, I live in a country ruled still by the rich, and I worry about them.  They fix the numbers to make it look as though people are doing great, I would love to meet these people who are doing well.  It is surely not us; we live from dollar to dollar in hope of a better tomorrow.  Each day we work hard from the time we get up to the time we sleep, with meals in between.  The rich in America still do rule the working class people you can bank on that.

So I am a bit over it all, I know that Nikola Tesla had a way of pulling power from the air and once again my government who made copies of all his papers has no idea what they have done with them.  They use that defense a lot; just ask the IRS where all their missing emails go?  Not that any of that matters to me, I just want dependable power without all the anguish and stress.  I would ask Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin if it please him to email me or mail me paper copies of Nikola Tesla last generator that did not require fuel as we know it, maybe you could post it on a website for everyone to have access to, that would be amazing.  Just to let you know I am not interested in the death ray, or am I?  No …just in making power, not interested in ruling

I have seen at our Local park in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas one of the last reaming AC generators made by Tesla and Westinghouse, to look upon it is amazing.  To think that when he first placed the AC generators at Niagara Falls no one but him understood how they worked.  Many people today still do not.  

You are welcome to visit us here ask Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, to see the beauty of Nikola Tesla’s work at our local park and of course you are welcome to see our farm.
This concludes my disgust and rant over my dependence on my power company. 

Be Blessed dear ones

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