Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain...

Good Afternoon from the mountain, sorry I did not post yesterday, we have just had so much to do.  Not that I have got it all done, but I feel progress in the air.  Michael has got the first sliding glass door up in the new kitchen, and I feel as if aiming for fall or winter for completion may not be out of the question.  Just think I will be able to cook in my new kitchen, created from an old house trailer.

It seems like only yesterday that I received a call upon my cell phone that seemed so harmless; but become such a mess that has taken us down this path of creation from another’s waste.  We were asked if they could park a house trailer on the side of our road and being relatively new to the area at the time, I wanted to be nice.  However, they were not nice, I came home to a trailer sitting in my front pasture, seems funny now, but it was not then.  I had been praying for a new roof, and I assure you this is not what I had meant.
In the end, they paid me to keep it, and I paid a few hundred dollars to have it moved to my existing house.  

I do not remember if when it first became ours if I wanted to make it a kitchen, but that is what it became.  An open canvas that has taken me a long time to figure out how to make it into what I dreamed it could be.   I must have changed my mind a dozen or more times, everything from floors to cabinets and all the items in-between.  I cannot wait till it is finished.

I had to do more cleaning in the kitchen and put the grain up today; I also got another section of the closer to the house cleared.  I also got some more pepper plants in and asparagus, so that is all good.  I still have so much to do; I seem never to be done.

Tomorrow I will have photos of the kimchi before I set it to cure and, of course, more puppy photos. Gosh the pups are five days old already. I can not wait to share them with you...

Be Blessed dear ones

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