Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain and more puppy photos

Good afternoon from the mountain, I was gifted a tray of peppers, so I planted them, well seventeen of them so far.  I have lovely yellow cayenne and peter peppers and some hot Thai peppers.  I put them all in pots and what’s left will go in the one small garden.  I decided today that I would plant the started corn, pumpkins and beans in the garden closest to the house and that I would start some more beans near the house. 

Our tomatoes are ripening, and some are huge, I am pleased with my choice of planting the Russian black krim tomatoes.  We have lovely pumpkins, and one is black, so black, I cannot venture to think that someday it will turn a dark orange color.  The others all are far lighter shades of green and have begun their transition to rage a little more each day.  I will take some photos tomorrow.

Onto our puppies, they are growing very fast and at only three days old they have already filled our lives with much joy and, of course, more chores.  The eight of them are all starting to develop little personalities and Scrap their mother is patient and kind mother.  I often feel sorry for her, as it must be a never ending daunting task just to keep them in one place. Last night I heard her whimper, and I arose from my bed to a pup missing.  I looked everywhere, or so I had thought, only to find the rascal inside of the blanket.  With a sigh of relief, I retrieved the little love and returned him to a happy mother. 

The pups are now three days old and they just couldn't be any more adorable then they are..., just take a look for your self.

Our Scrap dog is quite amazing, I have been doing as much to help her as I can, we all our really.  This morning I made her breakfast, I scrabbled up four-duck eggs for her. She wolfed them down and went on to eat half a large can of dog food, two quarts of fresh goats milk and a few cups of dog food and some leftover mac and cheese from the night before.  I bought her special food at the store today with more protein as she is eating to feed the eight, and I wish for them all to be healthy.  There is no greater gratitude than that of a dog, so loyal are they, that in turn you feel obligated to return the loyalty.

Speaking of loyalty, I, of course, went to the grocer today.  I wanted some frozen salmon but only found tuna from Sri Lanka and Salmon from Chile.  I was both confused and astonished by this.  I did not know that tuna could be found in the waters of Sri Lanka or for that matter what they knew of fishing, perhaps I am ignorant of their skills, none the less, I wanted Salmon from Russia or if I had to from America, not farm raised, only wild caught. I guess I am quite picky buy life it too short to eat farm raised fish.  Farm fished is full of nasty mercury and other chemicals at twice the amounts of wild fish…Yuck!  So he will order it for me, and I should have some in a week or two. 
I also inquired about a chuck roll and once the black stare left his face he asked, did I really want the whole thing.  Yes, I proclaimed with an enthusiastic spirit to my voice.  He asked what I had planned on doing with it; I guess it must have seemed a bit odd to him that someone would buy such a large amount of meat.  I explained that I had planned to cut it up into steaks and a few roasts, when he kindly announced that he would be happy to do that for me.  By Jove, I was happy to let him, far less work for me.  Upon this, he requested what I would like to do with the trimming; I explained I would take them as they were even with his insistence that he could grind them for me at no additional cost.  It was quite sweet really him being so very kind, but to me it would be expensive hamburger, when what I wanted was really some nice stew meat.  In the end, I acquired 27 pounds of meat at the cost of $4.00 per pound, a full $1.49 off per pound and my freezer is not so empty.
I will however need to take the cow in too the butcher as soon as possible, she has developed some type of hernia, and it worry me to think I could lose all the meat.  I am going to call a friend and ask them to help me as my van is still not up to the task and may require much more work before being made so.  It is what it is, an old van.  Life can be hard with such a small amount of money to work with.

But trouble yourselves not, I will overcome…
Be blessed dear ones

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