Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain and fermented honey

Good evening from the mountain, guess what kind of goof ball thing I did?  I fermented honey and it is all frothy and yummy.  Darn it where has fermented honey been all my life.  I tasted it and it was like love flowed into your mouth.  There is nothing else like it, so I will be moving it to different jars to allow it to continue without making a mess all over the place. 

A bit of time back I told you I had a mess in the cabinet and thought I had over filled the honey jars, well I was wrong, what really was going on was that my raw unfiltered honey had started to ferment.  This happens when you have too much moisture left in the honey and you have stuck your jars in a nice warm place.  With this higher moisture level and warmth a basic form of fermentation occurs, due to the wild yeasts and enzymes in the honey mostly from the bee’s hard work.

The reason modern people heat and strain their honey is to prevent lovely natural things like this from happing.   Truthfully I like this frothy stuff better than the regular raw honey and I plan to re-jar it and use it to make bread and other yummy things, man I bet it would be great with yogurt.  I did just get that new yogurt maker, hmmm, I guess I will set her up tonight and have some yummy fresh goat’s milk yogurt and fermented honey in the morning.

I read that you can make fermented honey yourself, on purpose.  He is a breakdown of what is needed.

Raw honey

A few jars with butter muslin and rings

A warm place, mine is in a cupboard nest to an oven.

I would use quart size wide mouth jars.  Mix one cup raw honey with a teaspoon full of water, add to clean quart jar, and cut a square of butter muslin or clean t-shirt material a little larger than the top of the jar.  Place ring on jar over the piece of muslin or t-shirt.  Now place jar in a warm, but not hot place, where is it shielded from sunlight, check in a few days and you should see it foaming up and looking lovely. 

Here is mine:

You can see how the lid was pushed up from the fermentation.

Just look at all the bubbles.

Foamy frothy and yummy!

Be Blessed dear ones

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