Monday, July 28, 2014

Good evening from the mountain and eBay the wild world of do what I say and be screwed...

A path to no where....

Good evening from the mountain, I got my fair entries in and most of my paperwork done.  For a few short moments, I had forgotten about the pile of dishes in my sink and Ramin noodle dinner.  Then it happened; my eBay stalker returned like something out of B horror movie, sneaking up out of the darkness and, “WAM!” it hit me.  She said I had not shipped her eggs, and it has been two weeks.  There is a good reason I did not ship her eggs, and she knows it.  She has been a crazy stalker who has paid for them, over and over again, and each time I refund her and tell her very nicely I might add that I have no further desire to do business with her. 

She first opened up a case against me many weeks ago, two months after buying my eggs and not hatching them. She told eBay that they were not as described and eBay sided with me, but said I should still try to work things out with her.  So like a fool who refuses to drop the grape to free their hand, I tried how I tried.  Having come to what I believed was a mutual understanding, I offered to gift her six eggs for the cost of shipping, before I had a chance to do anything she had bid and won another auction and wanted these eggs shipped with the free six.  I tried to express that first I could not do that and second, I had no desire to sell to her again.  I use boxes that only allow for one dozen to be shipped in them, so I opened a case to refund her money which started in a game of refunding and her repaying and demanding in no so nice ways that I sell to her.  She threatened me for not allowing her to extort me.  

I had thought we were done with this nightmare that I could return to selling my eggs in peace, but nothing is ever that simple is it?  I looked online a few minutes ago to see she had left bad feedback.  Rolling my eyes, unreal this is from a women who eBay has told to leave me allow and PayPal as well.  So now I sit, I have been on the phone 40 minutes and I am waiting to see if they can remove the feedback, I know what you are thinking, why would they not, well eBay is like a Western Outlaw, they are good only as long as someone else is bad. 

It is sad, and I am so tired of dealing with eBay, I do not see them helping when people order eggs or other items and then not pay.  I spend far too many hours a month on this sort of thing, in the end it makes me want to quit altogether.  I also have another none paying customer, it is ridicules that this continues and eBay bashes me for doing what they told me.
 All I have left is rummy feelings about doing business with eBay at all.  What is wrong with people, I do not know, but I wish I could just move on…Maybe I should just shut the farm down and give up, it not worth this amount of stress and to have eBay tell me that I am doing a great job, pfftttt…as if.

Be Blessed

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