Monday, July 21, 2014

Good morning from the mountain

Good morning from the mountain, I have decided to buy an inexpensive dehydrator to get us by until I have more time to work on making a new one.  It pains me to do so, but I feel limited in my choices at the moment, and I have many food items that need to be dried.  The pear tree and many of our berries are in prime harvest mode and here I am trying to do a million other things, so I have made this choice, and I will have to live with it.  I am buying it at Fin To Fur a local hunting store as they had a basic one that should work that is not too expensive. 

I would have preferred a stainless steel one or to have built one now, but it is what it is and I am bogged down with many other things that require my attention at the moment.  My paperwork pile is alarming and must be done and finished as I now have less than three weeks before I must return to college.  Honestly I do not know why anyone should have so much paperwork, with the advent of computers. 

I have to go by the college today to change my degree plan so that I can leave there with two degrees.  This increases my chance of finding work if the need should arise.  So that is good, but it means I will stay at this college a little longer.  Right now on the top of my worry list is the fact that the bridge is still out, and I do not see the county fixing it in the next three weeks, now I am an hour from school, such a long drive, very early in the morning, it is ridicules today the least.  I must find another way to meet the goal of school without this hour long drive.

Anyway off to get things done…
Be Blessed dear ones


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