Monday, July 21, 2014

Good evening from the mountain and a good bug

Good evening from the mountain, oh the plans I had today, many did not become reality.  I was just too tired.  I did get some things done, but nowhere near as much as I wanted too.  Oh well some days are like that.  We did get to spend time with a couple of nice friends under neither the shade trees.  So that was well worth it all.

Today I applied for a writing job, the format was a bit odd, but they pay three cents a word on most articles, some times more.  It would help our family out a lot.  They would want at least 20 articles a week, around 200 words each.  I need to find some way to bring in around $300.00 per week and not have to leave the farm.  I am over selling eggs on eBay, they are driving me mad.

During our farm day, Michael found an assassin bug in our garden today out by the pumpkins; it is a scary out of this world looking creature with a cogwheel like appendage upon its back.  I am not scared of the little fella, but those squash bugs should be.  These assassin bugs have a hearty appetite for squash beetles and those hornworms that love to eat our tomatoes.  I welcome him and his family to our garden and wish them long life and many children.  First one we have found in the ten years that we have lived here, may it not be the last.

Day 7 for the puppies....

Be blessed dear ones

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