Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain...lost a big pumpkin

Good afternoon from the mountain, it has rained here the better part of the day and the other half is really hot and humid.  So I have not done as much as I would have liked.  Elijah and I started to get the potatoes in the ground; he got to rows, before it became too hot for the little one.  Latter we had company and while walking through our tiny gardens I was able to harvest a couple of cucumbers.

However my dearest friend Judy sent us some cucumbers, tomatoes and some peppers, I am truly over whelmed at her kindness. Her husband Eddy is the very kind man who helps us clean our barn in exchange for the manure.  We are blesses to have good friends.

I think I will make a gift of honey to them when we harvest this time.  I want to harvest the honey and each day something’s happens that stops us, this has been going on for many weeks.  Farming is like that, you do what needs done, when it needs done.  I do not do most of the bigger chores, Michael does those. I do the house part, the schooling of the children and such, along with selling our products.  I also do the canning and some other weird things.

Anyway today I was able to get the new corn and pumpkins and one more round of trail of tear beans in to start.  I hope to have them in ground as soon as I can.  The corn that is out there should be ready in maybe a week.  The blue corn is now starting to grow, so I am crossing my fingers.

We did have a sad moment today, one of our big pumpkins fell off the vine, broke my heart.  It will not go to waste though, I will cook it and we will eat it.  A neat way to cook pumpkin is in the oven.  I will cut it into sections with the skin on and de-seeded.  I will coat each piece in peanut oil and bake at 350 degrees F  for around an hour or until the skin looks crumbled.  Then eat…

The seeds will be washed and dried, checked to see if they will grow more pumpkins and then half will go for seed, and have for eating.  The leaf will go to the goats.
So that is about it…
Be Blessed

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