Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good evening from the mountain and more puppy photos

Good afternoon from the mountain, we have had a busy day.  We have taken care of the dogs, cats and mice.  Plus cutting a bunch of wheel barrels full of fodder for the livestock.  The little bull likes Jerusalem artichoke stalks a lot, next year we will plant a bigger plot of land with them. They are a very sound nutrition for the animals and easy to grow.

Lesson learned at lunch today, when I noticed there was nothing green upon his plate and said so; he presides to return with a jar of green olives from the fridge.  Not quite what I meant, but they are green. What is one to do with such a wise child?

Kimchi is started, thank goodness, now to finish the dishes and get stuff ready for dinner, plus I still have the rest of the garden to clear and plants to get in the ground.  So much to do, I wish the temperature were like this every day.
I have made blackberry jam today; I am so glad to have gotten it done, still have peach to get done, and the pears are the tree look like there will be ready soon.  Work on this farm is never finished.

I did learn how to make kimchi pickles today, and I am looking forward to making some to go along with dinner very soon.  I really like fermented food and I see a lot of it being made in the future.

I know why you are all really here today, because you could be reading about planes, and wars and hunger and storms, but you would rather hear about our new puppies, at just four days old, they are already a handful.  They sleep only in between eating and getting lost.  However can something that for all practical purposes is blind and deaf find its way so far across the room, and in the night I hear my Scrap, the mother of the pups whimper, and I arise to find a pup missing again.  I am quite sure this is at least the fourth time I have hunted the elusive puppy in the dark.  This time it made it to beneath the dresser, and then there is Scrap wanting to go out at two am.  Even with all this they are a blessing and I could not image my life without them.

 Be blessed dear ones

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