Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good afternoon from the mountain and some garden photos

Good morning from the mountain, my mom is still in the hospital.  No telling when she will get out, Obama care and all, rolling my eyes.  I remember people in America years ago not wanting to have universal coverage due to the fact people in places like Canada were on endless waiting lists for some procedures.  Although most people now have coverage in America, most cannot use it due to their not being enough doctors to treat everyone.  Seems a lot worse than waiting on a list to me, but what do I know, I am just a farmer/artist, uneducated in the ways of idiots.

Aside from all this, the farm is doing well I do have a bit of a predator problem at the moment.  This time it is a raccoon, or I like to call him tomato thief.  He took three very large tomatoes off the vine, so I have set up a coon cuff to catch and then a bullet in his tiny brain should end this reign of terror.  A coon cuff is a trap that cat or dogs cannot get stuck in.  Just the pesky raccoon, here are some photos of the traps I am using. 

As you can see, the raccoon puts his paw in to get the marshmallows, one of his favorite foods I am told and bam, his hand is stuck.  No more raccoon then I come along and dispatch him with my trusty 22 Savage long riffle. 

I will say I am very discouraged with my ability to gain 22 ammo anywhere near us.  It is as if they are holding it back, even Wal-Mart is always out. One would think and it would stand to reason that if you sold an item out as fast as you put it upon the shelves for over two years you would buy more to sell more.  However Wal-Mart logic is far removed from the ideas of supply and demand.  I think maybe they live in the hit or miss part of the world.  I went to the hunting store and missed some bullets by less than five minutes, it is all crazy.  In my mind a see a pile of 22’s sitting somewhere getting dusty while I hunt them down, to hunt…

It is hard even with fences to keep pest out the closer it comes to them getting ripe, just look at all of the great food growing in my photos.  We are truly blessed, but I miss hunting season.  I could really go for a deer burger and fries. I am renewing my license and my trapping license as they expired yesterday.  I will to fill the cupboards with canned meat and fill the freezers with frozen meat.  This year I will hunt for turkey, deer, and a few other things, maybe a bear, though I would not be able to eat the meat, I still have to check on the rule of giving away the bear meat.  I want the hide.
I really need to get some fishing in as well, canned fish and smoked meat and fish are important to use and a staple of our home.  Along with all that comes the canning of vegetables and fruits, jams and such. We are never done, but always well feed.  I still dream of moving to Alaska or at the very least Oregon, so we would have a larger forage and hunting area with more about food sources.  We are very limited here in Arkansas.

Back to other farm matters, it is time to find a home for the kittens, they are eating on their own and quite feisty little beasts.  They are all as cute as they can be. Our dog looks as though she will have puppies anytime and our mini pig is due to have piglets any day, so space must be made for them all.

Not much else to say today, it is getting ready to rain again and I welcome it as it is so hot, 101F on the one porch and a respective 110F on the other

Be Blessed

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