Saturday, July 5, 2014

That moment you realize you having been watching the apple tree for two weeks waiting for the apples to turn red, only to realize you planted a yellow apple tree!

Good evening from the mountain, my mom has made her transition from the hospital back to home life, she is doing much better.  Honestly it takes a huge weight off of my mind knowing that she is better and home. I was starting to worry about the care she was receiving at the hospital.  Maybe they just have too many people to take care of, I just don’t know, and I do not profess to be a nurse or doctor.

I have however study with some of them, so much so that some things just seem commonplace.  The nurses in my math class endless went over things as if a dose was safe, beneficial or non-beneficial even lethal.  This is important stuff to know if you want to live, and who would not want to live?   Well, it turns out some things can be listed as lethal and beneficial at the same time.  It is all very interesting; I paid a great deal to the parts about taking medicines with food and what not to mix with them.  You never know when something like this could save your life. 

Ventured out of the house today to get some things we needed. The feed store was low on wheat last week and out this week, seriously, I am getting a bit worried now, the store was also low on good bread, I thought Holiday weekend on the bread.  Then I thought hey that is not right they use buns for hot dogs and hamburgers…wow, back to baking bread for me. 

The moment you realize you have spent two weeks waiting for your apples to turn red on the tree only to realize that you planted a yellow apple tree…that has been my day.  Happily we noticed that one of our peach trees has ripe peaches on it, Elijah and I both had one and I can tell you that nothing is sweeter than a fresh peach off your own tree.  When we were done eating the fruit, Elijah careful dug two holes and replanted the seeds, may they grow into lovely trees and provide future generations fresh peaches.

Keeping up the garden going is a fight right now, insects and heat.  Today I have killed squash beetles, grasshoppers and worst of all Japanese beetles.  It is like a biblical plague out there.  Thank goodness I have help, or I am sure I would throw my hands up in the air and walk far away from it all.  The spiders are unable to keep up with all the pests, but the guineas are on it…those little buggers eat their weight in bugs a day. 

Our newly planted potatoes and onions are looking good, so is the new garlic and soon I will have to harvest some of the other beds of onions.  Lucky for me the bugs do not like them.  I am so disappointed about the blue corn which still seems to be doing very little of anything.  I have no idea what is wrong with it, I planted a few seeds from the green corn, and they have taken off.  It is terribly disappointing.  The green corn I planted first is ready to harvest in maybe just as few as five days.  The pumpkins with are getting huge and as I said before the squash bugs are terrible, they mate and lay eggs under the leaves, before you know it they have sucked the life out of your plants.  

If you see your squash or pumpkins wilting and no other plant around them is, you can be sure these little pests are sucking the life from your plant.  I took a leaf off of the pumpkin plant that was loaded with young squash bugs and did as their name implied and squashed them.  I find it is one of the best ways to rid myself of the pests.

Aside from these issues life on the farm is as calm and quite as one could possible imagine.  The air right now is full of the smell of mint, which seems to permeate the area around the house.  The night is falling upon us, I think I will make pizza for dinner, watch some TV and get some sleep.  Tomorrow will be here before I know it.

Be blessed

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