Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Good morning from the mountain and thinking on a new dehydrator

Good morning from the mountain, we got a good start on the day.  Got the kitten’s cage cleaned, and the kittens and chickens bathed with Dawn dishwashing liquid to kill the fleas.  It works like a charm every time.  You just wet them down, apply lots of blue dawn dishwashing liquid, and wait five minutes rise and dead fleas.  Now that this is done I can focus on other things I need to get done.

I looked at new dehydrators today, I found one I liked, but I don’t know, even at $240, is it worth it.  Maybe I should still build my own and just use two one hundred watt bulbs as the heat source and still use the fan from the Excalibur and a dimmer switch to control the temp.   I could buy another one of the temperature gages that double as a Hygrometer.  The hygrometer will help me to know the unit is working and it will let me know when it is almost dry enough.  I will also be able to see the temp of the kitchen and the unit at the same time.  The link is the one I am buying.

I wish I could have found a mechanical one, but the temperature gauge did not go high enough.  That leaves me with the one above as a good choice.  Here is the link I found that shows a more basic homemade dehydrator.

So I am at least past the planning stage of this.  I wish I was this far in other things.  Still need to get so much done, winter is coming!

Be Blessed Dear ones I will check in latter…


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