Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good evening from the mountain and I am not allow in fearing the grid

I have been working on the net in between other projects here on the farm and I came across this article that I though was very interesting, so I left you all a link to it.

Here is a quote from it:
Bartlett loved to conjure doomsday visions: Think post-Sandy New York City without power—but spread over a much larger area for months at a time. He once recounted a conversation he claimed to have had with unnamed Russian officials about how they could take out the United States: They would “detonate a nuclear weapon high above your country,” he recalled them saying, “and shut down your power grid—and your communications—for six months or so.”

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I think personal it would be great if the whole world would at least consider going off grid; we have the tech to make it happen and it would be far cheaper than updating exciting info-structures in any country.  Just think how much of the carbon foot print would end if power companies would stop burning coal and other such fossil fuels.  All solar wind and water, what a better world this would be for all.  Yes it would be a problem for the rich, but I am sure they would get along with out all our money quite well and find some other way of making vast fortunes.

I myself am planing some sort of crowd sourcing event to raise the money we need to go off grid.  Once we are off grid we will help others to go off grid.  This is one thing we can make it happen and I can feel good about it.

Be Blessed dear ones

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