Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Good morning from the mountain sthe sun is up and our day begins with fewer birds....

Good morning from the mountain, another has dawned on the mountain.  Yesterday I started liquidating the chickens from the farm, and will continue until I have the number I need just for us as a family.  I have come to the conclusion that eBay is not a venue to sell eggs.   As I am saying this I have sold another dozen eggs on their which will be shipped out tomorrow, it may be the last one I ever ship from eBay.  I cannot tell you how it pains me that they are so vile to their sellers; I can say I will no longer allow them to do it to me.
When the last birds go it concludes the ending of my dream to help others to have poultry which I am sure was about to end anyway as America is very much against small family farms and healthy eating.  It is so bad here that people in many states are still being arrested for purchasing and drinking rare milk.  They have also been arrested for capturing water from the sky.  Farms like mine that want to stay organic are often targets of either the carelessness of other or there outright hate.  This has not of course always been the case, as America was founded on farming.  Today farming is most often looked down upon and dirt farmers as people like myself and my family are often called is a key to understanding what went wrong and preventing it from happing in your own country.

There was a day when farming was a noble art, held in the same place as the person creating a painting or stature, perhaps even a jewelry artist, but alas that was in the time before factory farms.  Factory farms are farms whereas the name implies food is grown in a factory like way.  Large farms grow hundreds of thousand or even millions of pounds of food, but one must ask, what is the manor of food being produced is.  It is not quality, which is often sacrificed for the quality.

A small farm organic from like mine know the food from the seed up, we do not use GMO seed, because we do not need too. We have seed that has been used for centuries and some longer that has served us well.  We remember events such as the potato famine and chose not to be mono farmers for just that reason. Our food gets its nutrients from the ground and century old techniques of adding dung from the farm animals back to the soil to keep it healthy.  We also add kelp to the soil and we do not till the ground.  In America many years before I was born, there was a time in history called the dust bowl, theis was caused in part by over tilling the land, and mono cropping, the people starved and the soil in many placed blew upon the air from the middle of this country all the way to the coasts, it took a long time to recover and some places never did. 

It is a good thing to learn from one’s mistakes, and chose happily not to repeat them.That is why companies who grow food on huge parcels of land, blighting the soil, making the ground toxic and stripping it of nutrients until they must pour thousands and hundreds of thousands of pounds of chemicals upon the land, just to raise their crops and America went from a chicken in ever pot, to chicken like products.  The value of the food is compromised and we happily send this food out to the entire world, all while knowing there is a problem.  Much of the food these factories grow is GMO food, which should be rejected by everyone, it is unwholesome and unholy, I get a bit of a rummy feeling just thinking about it.  I am sure that at one point people meant well, but it has become about money and nothing more.  Where money is king, there are no morals and cheap becomes deadly.  

Our country had protection in place to protect us from this sort of thing, but I fear money has won out here as well.  Instead, they protect us from fresh, wholesome food.  As an example I was on a website describing some lovely French cheese, four different types that are aged less than 90 days and all illegal in the US.   They claim it is because of possible contamination that these cheeses are not allowed to be made here in the states.  Honestly I do not think it is to protect us, but to control what we eat.  Fresh cheese bread and fruit is the morning staple in many countries that have not fallen to the American standard.  How can it be that even McDonalds and their selling of expired food in countries makes little news, but a person making and selling fresh food makes the press and loses their farm, it happened a few years ago here in Missouri.  An organically certified dairy had their whole plant seized, and their entire product destroyed on just the threat of listeria contamination.  Mcdonald'S has no punishment for selling bad food; one has money one is poor.  If I mixed old meat with new, they would through me in jail.  That is the problem, we are trusting the wrong people; we are not trusting the ones who do what they do out of love, who eat from their farms.  Instead we are trusting the ones making billions of dollars are year from us, using the FDA against us in a war that is fought in some form in America every minute of every day.  I am not sure how many people watch the “SIMPSONS”, but in the cartoon there is a character called “KRUSTY THE CLOWN," this character owns a chain, called Krusty Burgers.  It is much like the McDonlad’s or Burger King in many ways, mostly the food.  Anyway he does a commercial in which he bites into a Krusty burger and almost swallows it, and screams about it.  The kind of Oh G-d I almost swallowed it…This joke may not be too far from the truth.  

Anyone have time to help redo the wood cook stove?

The president has an organic garden; his is protected, but not the people. 
So farms like mine are just in the way of the global conquest of food domination, a world where we will all eat what they tell us too, and no one will have the right to keep seed from generation to generation.  There will be one tomato, and it will taste like the air, one granny potato, yellow rice, diseased animals will be sold as food with the bad parts cutoff and everyone will be fine with it.  The bread will be full of fillers, the milk having added chemical sweeteners to cover the taste of blood and puss, there will be only food like food items and no longer wholesome food.  That is where we are all heading.
With that said, and before it becomes illegal to have a garden I must go out and work on ours.  I will try to get back on here later with new puppy photos and whatever else happens between now and then.  Plus those carrots will not pickle themselves….lol

Be Blessed

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